Making Large-scale Agile Work for 1000+ People, 50 Teams

This is an interesting large scale transformation from Alexis and my friend Raj. Over 500 people. Customer wanted to find new disruptive revenue stream. They  start by co creating the the vision with leadership. Implementation used SAFE, Scrum and many other Lean Agile Tools and more importantly Principles.

Interesting way to use a reverse Conway law, setting the team the way they want architecture to be sounds to be a great approach when having day 1 cross functional team does not works.

Challenges listed in that video also are common patterns. Seeing how they work around and pivot is interesting. Good to know at the end the enterprise adopted that enterprise Kanban !-) . Sounds simple?… this is not…
That stage approach is also a good trade-off to the now old fashion Big Bang. Smell like a new sweet rupture.


Last November, Alexis Hui and I presented a case study representing a very unique and successful agile transformation in a global financial services organization. Video and slides available on InfoQ, recorded at the Agile Toronto Community Conference.

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